A family girl and proud of her Jamaican heritage, both of Moya’s parents are from the small Caribbean island and you can sense the influence of this in her vocal style. MoyMoy’s vocal sound is simply intriguing- she has a beautiful singing voice which she fuses with part rapping and part MC, then there's the ragga style she brings to the table . 


Believing in her own ability and maturity above her years and studying for her degree, MoyMoy plans to just keep on writing, recording, and performing live regardless. She says, "If just one person is moved by a track she recorded, it should be deemed a success".


MoyMoy's musical influences are the likes of 2pac, Drake, Jessie J and Lauren Hill- all of them full of creativeness, energy, attitude, life and the ability to grab your attention. You can definitely hear these positive attributes in MoyMoy's music. She paints a picture in your mind with her lyrics and puts blood sweat and tears into every studio session. 

MoyMoy is not your average female artist, real name Moya Morris and hailing from East London/Essex she knows how to present herself and always looks pleasing to the eye. She is driven, hardworking, educated and when her hands touch a microphone and her mouth opens a truly spectacular sound comes from within. MoyMoy really is blessed with a talent.